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And about living healthy, and about loving to cook, and about sharing with the ones we love, and about experimenting, and about flavors, aromas, textures, and about all the other things food brings us. 

How we started


Our Parents started a brand of small appliances 30 years ago overseas. We grew up watching them work. Unavoidably Sharing our passion for appliances. As with most Italian Families, we also spent a lot of time helping our mom in the kitchen. Cooking. Learning. Crafting meals for our large family. 

Vianté is the Result of years of learning and passion. It's the commitment we have as a second generation, to honor our parents and continue their work internationally. 

Our mother is still an important part of our company. Making sure we continue doing business with the same values and the same passion she and our father had when they began this wonderful journey for our family. 

Our Company


We love what you love: to cook! Our products are thought and designed for those who enjoy the cooking process. Who love the cooking experience. While all other companies are focusing in saving you time at the kitchen, practicality and serving more poeple in less amount of time, we are focusing on gourmet cooking. Gourmet meals. Meticulously crafted food for those who are looking for the best ingredients, the healthier alternatives and are not afraid of experimenting with flavors, aromas and textures. For those who appreciate art and believe cooking is simply another form of it. For the foodies, the artisans and the chefs, this is Vianté. 

From the CEO


I started cooking with my mom at the age of 3. Chopping various vegetables and adding them together to make soup. Cooking was a very important part of our lives. And in our family, it was used to espress love. The kitchen, of course, was the most important room in the house. 

With the years, I went from cooking simple foods to experimenting with a more elaborate cuisine. Always looking for new stuff. Never following recipes. Always creating on the go. Trying to use my creativity to come up with amazing meals. 

But it wasn't until I graduated from medical school that I learned the impact that our dietary choices can have in our lives. Our eating habits can not only affect how long we live, but, most importantly, they can affect how well we live also. It was in my early 20s that I started researching and looking for foods that would be beneficial for my health. And I realized that if you want to eat healthy, you need to eat simple. You need to do without processed, pre-cooked or pre-packaged foods.  A diet based on simple whole foods and with carefuly selected nutrients will take you further and will allow you to live your life to its fullest. But a diet based on unprocessed whole foods means you need to cook! And wtih 5 or 6 meals a day (yeap! Those many) you better get creative. 


All Vianté Products need to be able to do things better and in a healthier way. More efficiently. With gourmet or barista results. We personally test all products and we conduct hundreds of hours of testing during the development process. We have a team of very rigorous testers: our kids and family. They need to validate and see the value and quality in our products. If the meals or beverages we give them don't amaze them, we simply don't believe in the product. And it gets postponed, re-worked or simply cancelled. If a 3 year old doesn't believe in a product, neither will you. 


We offer you the same products we use to feed our families. As a father who cooks for his young son daily, I know the kitchen takes a lot of time from us. But if we keep ingredients simple and we choose the flavors wisely, we can feed our loved ones the best quality meals possible. With exotic and exquisite flavors. Treating them to great culinary experiences day in and day out. With great meal variations and fun foods to eat. 


For me and for most Vianté customers I have talked to, cooking is a sort of therapy. Anti-stress. It's a moment during which we are solely focused on our food. Thinking and deciding what else we can do to make that dish amazing. A moment when our stress disappears, our problems vanish and our imagination roars free. 


I hope we can bring our love and passion of cooking to you through our products. We'd love to hear from you. To know you. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, comments or suggestions. We will get back to you very quickly. Thanks for choosing Vianté. 


Gonzalo G. Martinez M.D.

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